TSR Performance


TSR Performance are one of the countries leading Volkswagen/Audi/SEAT tuning companies. Having specialised in tuning, building, modifying and maintaining Volkswagens for 30 years their knowledge and skill set from a MK1 Golf to a V10 Audi RS6 is unrivalled. With customers from all over the world ordering TSR Turbo kits, Exhaust Manifolds, Piston and Rod sets their products can be found in all manor of VAG powered cars. With a 4WD Rolling Road on site and the latest laser 4 wheel alignment all aspects of tuning and set up can be carried out. Whether you need a 600 BHP 2.0T FSI engine building, a MK1 Golf Restoring, Track or Race car building or set up, a 2.0 TDI Revo Re-map carrying out or an MOT it can all be carried out in house by TSR Performance.